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Dance Alive!

    Welcome to the fourth BloodThirsty Vegans newsletter. October 2009 Edition. The BloodThirsty Vegans (BTVs) is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom.

    Currently the BloodThirsty Vegans are My Rap Name is Alex, Janna "MC Vendetta" Willoughby, Dave Harter, Ben Sachs & Bryan "Brrrn" Lohr and sometimes Michael Delaney and Liz Bailey.

    At long last , the BloodThirsty Vegans' website, has been updated with new content. There are new videos to view with the lyrics printed underneath. You can see our facebook, myspace & twitter news feeds right here from our home page. And there are really cool photo galleries where you can get a full screen BTV slide show. Check it out and tell a friend.

Video Shoot

    We had a ton of fun shooting video footage for our song "Do You Even Know" in September. We have one more day of shooting to go (on October 4th), and we are hoping to get all of our local friends to come down and be IN our video. See the upcoming show section below for more details.

new BTV t-shirts

    The new tshirts are IN! Get yourself one of these sharp new BTV tshirts featuring Brrrn's awesome blood goblet design. Why yes, they are printed locally. Thanks for asking. They are currently only available at our merch table at shows, but we're working on other options.

Ready for Rocktober? We have a radio show, a weekend of good grooves for good causes and two Halloween Parties for you this month.
The Local Show (October 1st) - We will be on WBNY 91.3fm on the Local Show. We will be previewing some of our recordings and participating in a live interview to promote the Artists United for Human Rights show on Sunday. We expect to be on around 7:30pm.
Dance Alive! (October 2nd) - Dance Alive swings back into action after a few false starts with great food, live music by Kilissa Cissoko and BloodThirsty Vegans, American Tribal Style dance by Euphraxia and other family friendly entertainment by YOU at our open mic.
rsvp on facebook
Artists United for Human Rights (October 4th) - Never ones to shy away from irony, the "BloodThirsty Vegans" will bringing their messages of peace and love to the retired battleship, U.S.S. Little Rock at the Naval Park in downtown Buffalo. Check out the awesome line up of amazings acts and plan to bring the whole family for a good cause.
more event info
Last Day of Video Shoot (Oct 4th) - AND, make sure you come for the whole show, because at various intervals during the day we will be shooting the last little bit for our video for "Do You Even Know". (For really real this time.)
more video shoot info
Haflaween (October 24th) - A private hafla for the friends, family and fans of Euphraxia & Red Moon American Tribal Style dancers, the funnest band in the universe (scientifically proven (by science (said band would be us by the way))) and all kinds of other fun entertainment.
more event info
Festival of Blood V (October 31st) - Then, on all hallows eve, a mass of masked marauders will converge on 1121 Elmwood, the necropolis now known as Nobody's for the Fifth Festival of Blood. We will be ending October with a bang. Bunches of bangs. Come in costume and party down with all the other adult tricky treaters in funky town.
more event info

    We are now booking shows for November, please send any ideas or inquiries to booking at

On September 6th, the mighty BTV family journeyed over the mighty Niagara River to play June & Rogerís 29th Annual Labor Sunday Picnic-Potluck. There was great feasting, sport and merriment, and magical music, and when all was said and done we had managed to raise $200 for the Peace Education Fund.

Then on September 12th, in the twilight hours, we took to the stage of the Music is Art Festival behind the Albright-Knox Art Gallery to broadcast our message of Peace and Liberty across the waters of Hoyt Lake.

Try as we might we were unable to overcome our car troubles and logistics troubles and actually play a show in Pittsburgh. We are sending telepathic care to the people who were there in Pittsburgh to give voice to the voiceless. We will certainly keep trying to get down there to play a show where the rivers meet.

Then on September 26th we were back in action playing a fund raiser for a school in South Africa which was lots of fun. While we were not directly adjacent to any large body of water, we did get rained on. Thankfully we had a roof over our heads for the show and amazingly delicious soup to keep us warm. And then our friends from Euphraxia danced as the daylight faded. Good times.

(photo credits: Kim Worpeck)

DTR45 - DeepThinka Records deepest gratitude to Tone & DTR for doin' the magic on a few tracks of our upcoming CD. We just finished recording, mixing and engineering our song "Lovestream" at DTR and it sounds AMAZING!

Susan Marie Thanks for inviting us to be a part of such a noble cause and thanks for caring so passionately about it. It is going to be an amazing time on Sunday.

Kim Worpeck Thanks to you and Tim for all the hard work put in on our video and thanks for all the photos too.

Euphraxia Copious thank yous to the lovely ladies of Euphraxia (and Red Moon) for partnering with us on so many awesome events and enjoying our performances as much as we have been enjoying yours.

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