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Jun.08.2014 @5:30pm
Move to Amend Presentation
facebook event
Buffalo, NY

Jun.28.2014 @4pm
The Earth Bowl
Grand Island, NY

Jul.26.2014 @6pm
The Lawn Disco
Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Infringement Festival
Buffalo, NY

New Albion, NY

Aug.23.2014 @noon
Elmwood Festival of the Arts
Buffalo, NY

Aug.31.2013 @2pm
June & Roger's 34th annual Labor Sunday Potluck Party
Grand Island, NY

(dates and times may change)

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BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom.


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